What is a U-Pull yard?

Gray & White U-Pull it has thousands of cars and trucks on stands and organized by manufacturer. So that you can bring your own tools and remove and component need to repair your vehicle. 

Why should I remove my own part?

Gray & White U-Pull it provides customer they opportunity to save over 70% by pulling there own part versus going to a traditional auto parts yard. You  to see our price list.

What if I don't want to remove my own part?

Go to www.grayandwhite.com, and call your nearest full service location.

Can I bring my old part into the yard to match it to a replacement part?

Gray & White U-Pull it does not allow any outside car parts in, this way we don’t accidentally have to charge you to take your original part out of the yard. We recommend you take pictures of your original part to compare.

Do you have a minimum age?

Yes, all customers must be over 16, ID maybe required

Are any tools prohibited?

Yes, you cannot bring in any torches, jacks, or heavy power tools.

What is a CORE charge and why do some parts have them?

CORE stands for Cash on Receipt of Exchange. To insure that as many parts get recycled as possible, a CORE charge is added to the purchase price of some parts. The CORE charge is refunded if your original part is returned to us within 30 days of purchase.

Do you charge to use a cart or engine hoist?

No, both item are available for use free of charge.

Do you buy Junked cars? If so how much do you pay?

Yes, we love to buy junked cars. The value of the car depends on model and condition of the vehicle, give us a call at 404-343-1201 for a quote.

I didn't see my car in your inventory, does that mean you do not have my part?

We can still have your part, many parts are used for multiple car models. Come on in and we will use our free cross referencing system to see if another vehicle on the yard has your part. Also, you can setup alerts for when we get your vehicle in.  to Create an alert.