Come on in and tell us what part you need, we will put in our part cross referencing system to tell you all the cars on our yard that can have the part you need

Pay the $2 cash waiver and entrance fee

Go to the location of the car and pull the part you need

Come on to our cashier and pay for your new part with cash or debit card.

We provide carts and engine hoist free of charge, but no other tools

There are no power outlets available so bring hand or battery operated tools

No Jacks or torches allowed in the yard
A lubrication spray like WD-40 can make taking parts off easy

Make sure if pulling a large item to bring a friend to help you

You might consider removing your defective part first, so that you may know exactly what tools maybe required for the job
Remember to wear tough clothing and shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty, you must have closed shoes or boots for entry
No outside car parts are allowed in the yard